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The simple, reliable and cost-efficient way to save the earth.

Single Box Toner Recycling Program

Single Small Toner/Ink In Home Recycling Box

3 Box Toner Recycling Program

3 Small Toner/Ink In Home Recycling Box

How it Works

  • Register for Close the Loop’s recycling program to ensure your empty ink and toner cartridges do not end up in a landfill!
  • It’s easy – sign up and purchase your boxes, fill the boxes with your empty cartridges and ship your box back to CtL with UPS! At that point, CtL will receive your product and recycle the materials into new products! Click here to learn more about what Close the Loop does with the products received.

Accepted Products

  • Ink cartridges / ink tanks
  • Toner cartridges
  • Toner Bottles
  • Fusers
  • Toner Waste Containers
  • Products that can be used and replaced in any copy machine or printer

Not Accepted Products

  • Batteries
  • Bio-Hazardous Material
  • Inkjet Cartridges that contain solvent-based inks

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