About Us

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About Close the Loop

Close the Loop (CtL) provides best-in-class sustainability solutions to help companies like yours enhance corporate social responsibility programs.

We first earned the trust of the global imaging industry where we continue to design and manage highly efficient ink and toner take-back, recovery, and reuse programs. These partnerships are with Fortune 500 companies such as Xerox, Staples, HP and Konica Minolta.

Today, manufacturers of all types turn to CtL to minimize waste and work towards a circular economy. A circular economy makes the most of your valuable resources, transforming items that would normally end up in landfills and oceans into useful commodities that can be returned to the supply chain.

If you don’t already have a working take-back and recovery program, partnering with us to design a program that meets your needs will prevent missteps along the way.

With strategically located operations centers around the world, CtL is a clear choice to streamline your existing or a new sustainability program.

In 2021, Close the Loop merged with O F Packaging, an industry-recognized packaging specialist in Australia to form our new business group Close the Loop Group!  Then in December 2021, Close the loop Group became listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (CLG).  To learn more click here.

Sustainable packaging is in the core of our innovation efforts at O F Packaging. The shift to eco-packaging in Australia continues and we stay on top of it by pushing the boundaries of our packaging designs and manufacturing capabilities. The industry has already made significant strides in environmentally friendly packaging.

O F Packaging provides premium and innovative flexible and carton packaging to brands all around the world.  Together O F Packaging and Close the Loop share one common goal of diverting waste from landfill!


Increase Your Market Share

  • Discover untapped insights about product usage
  • Set up customer loyalty programs
  • Identify fraudulent activity
  • Protect your brand’s intellectual property


Fulfill Your Commitments to Brand Stewardship

  • Manage warranty return programs
  • Provide product recall support services
  • Design solutions for hard-to-recycle materials
  • Provide a safe and environmentally responsible disposition of product with zero waste to landfill

Increase Efficiency & Your Bottom Line

  • Uncover hidden value in your material choices
  • Design upstream more effectively
  • Trace your product through the end-of-life stage
  • Ensure accordance with government sustainability regulations
  • Enable global logistics to be efficient environmentally friendly

Our History

Since 2001,  Close the Loop (CtL) has provided global companies with exceptional re-source, reuse, recycle, and sustainability solutions.

2001 – Company founded

2003 – Developed massively successful voluntary Australian stewardship program (“Cartridges for Planet Ark”)

2007 – Launched operations in the United States

2016 – Acquired Clozdloop BVBA

2021 – Merged with O F Packaging to form Close the Loop Group

2021 – Listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (CLG)

Mission Statement

Close the Loop will be the globally preferred premier sustainability solutions provider. It will provide secure recovery models for consumer take-back programs specializing in complex waste streams while providing a safe and productive working environment for its employees.


The business will have a customer base spread across multiple industry sectors and multiple geographies around the world, where it will provide customer support, logistics, sort, data analysis, end-of-life and repurposing services. In doing so, CtL will provide added value to the customer’s own business models. This will be achieved by building a management team capable of operating and growing a multinational business. Capital investment will be sought to stay ahead of the market place as well as internal demands, while the business will also seek to acquire companies to grow rapidly by sector and by geography.

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