Sustainability In Action

Through our years of service, Close the Loop has many success stories helping customers reach their sustainability goals. The commitment to the environment and our customers have remains top priority as we face new challenges. To date, over 100,000 tons of material has been diverted from landfill.

Close the Loop leverages over 15 years of experience in the sustainability sector and provides a partner that will work with you every step of the way. Being able to combine the knowledge and expertise in all areas of a sustainability program allows CtL and you to work together to develop the best approach to reaching your goals. Whether you are beginning a program from scratch or already working towards your goals, Close the Loop is your partner!

Sydney - September 16, 2014: Resurfacing of Watkin Street, Newtown, using ashphalt containing recycled printer toner (photo by Jamie Williams/City of Sydney)


TonerPave™ is a new asphalt, with high recycled content and reduced carbon footprint. TonerPave™ was developed by Australian company Close the Loop Ltd in partnership with one of Australia’s largest infrastructure companies, Downer Group, and is the result of a shared culture of innovation and a genuine desire to reduce the companies’ carbon footprint. Too often recycled products are viewed as being inferior, but TonerPave™ produces a superior asphalt that resists rutting and cracking at both higher and lower temperatures, and requires less maintenance, as well as having a 23% lower carbon footprint, all at the same price as standard asphalt.

Downer Group is one of Australia’s largest, most progressive infrastructure companies, a top tier producer of asphalt and builder of roads. TonerPave™ is part of a new range of asphalt products supplied by Downer under its ‘Low Carbon Asphalt’ banner.

The key ingredient of TonerPave™ is MTP (Modified Toner Polymer), which has been developed over many years by Close the Loop® (CtL) and is a prime example of industrial ecology in action. 

CtL and Downer have formed an exclusive partnership to bring TonerPave™ to market. More than 1,000km of TonerPave™ asphalt has been laid in Australian municipal council jurisdictions in most States of Australia and is now a mainstream product with a significant following. Close the Loop continues to innovate in re-use and re-purposing of recovered post-consumer material into new products and is currently releasing a new product called TonerSeal for use in sprayseal road manufacture, again in partnership with Downer.

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