Take-Back: Make it Count

Collection is a key component toward achieving a Circular Economy. It demands thoughtful consideration not only to what is being collected but how it’s being accomplished. With the right tools and strategies in place, this step can help grow your market share and protect your brand while accomplishing your sustainability goals.

Close the Loop examine the efficiency and security of every step of your take-back program with the same degree of scrutiny you would apply to your own supply chain. Applying business intelligence tools and closely managing warranty returns and recalls are some of the ways Close the Loop has helped customers grow their brands and uncover new business drivers.

Working with Close the Loop, customers benefit from years of experience running product take-back and end-of-life collections across the globe, including expertise in sustainability requirements and a steadfast commitment to zero waste to landfill.

Close the Loop Take-Back Programs address:

  • Total View - Applying sustainability practices throughout the collection stream, minimizing freight and simplifying reverse logistics.
  • Participation Drivers - Strategies for engaging end-users in your take-back program
  • Customization - Personalized attention and tailored programs to fit your goals and your audiences
  • Assurance - Safe and secure destruction, protects your brand and ensures you meet local government and corporate requirements
  • Brand Stewardship - Tracking collection of your branded consumables from end-users globally
  • Customer Insights - Tools for uncovering valuable product insights related to customer returns
  • Guidance - Assistance in achieving required standards such as EPEAT for print consumables and other stewardship programs

Making a Difference

A customer approached Close the Loop to redesign their take-back program. They were experiencing problems with their logistics provider and wanted to use this program as a sales driver and market differentiator.

Close the Loop designed a return method which satisfied their logistics provider's requirements making the reverse logistics more efficient. As a result, end users were returning more per container and staying within the logistics provider's guidelines.

By changing their take-back program, the customer was able to  increase their returns. This program is now a pillar in their marketing and is a key differentiator in the sales process.

Business Intelligence: Uncovering Value

What many companies tend to overlook is how much can be learned from conducting a product stewardship program.  It doesn't have to be just a cost to the business, it can be a valuable business driver.  Close the Loop recognizes every product tells a story regardless of whether it was returned for warranty, recall or if it simply exhausted its usefulness.  Close the Loop captures data at every possible point in the process and our proprietary Business Intelligence (BI) software solution is designed specifically for turning that data into usable intelligence to provide valuable insights to our customers programs.

Close the Loop’s robust Business Intelligence (BI) solution helps provide customer insights that help you engage with your customers in more meaningful ways and use the program as a business driver.  The BI solution can uncover valuable insights and deliver them in a way that is actionable for product design, marketing and sales teams and other decision makers.

With built-in trace-ability embedded into Close the Loop’s collection, logistics, processing and recovery services, reporting is dramatically streamlined and easily converted to meet Corporate and Government Departments organizational requirements regarding environmental and sustainablity credentials. For corporate and government users, Close the Loop provides detailed information designed to enhance ‘Triple Bottom Line’ and ‘Waste Reduction and Purchasing Policy’ reporting.

The Close the Loop proprietary BI software also helps:

  • Identify and monitor pirated product replications in-market
  • Ensure quality assurance
  • Confirm contractual and audit obligations
  • Verify sustainability practices

Logistics: Navigating the World

Close the Loop knows how expensive logistics can be – with every move a product takes, more and more costs are added into the process. A global footprint is critical to an effective and cost-efficient logistics service. Close the Loop’s footprint extends far beyond its 4 global operation centers and is rich with international experience – experience successfully moving millions of products, sustainability, securely and cost-efficiently in and out of multiple regions and countries.

Close the Loop’s more than 15 years of experience working with global companies translates to invaluable geographical insights, knowledge of customs, understanding of regulations and a robust network of sustainability-minded, cost-effective transportation partners. There simply are no short cuts to experience or in building lasting trust with customers and partners.

Close the Loop offers support for programs that ship single unit parcels to programs shipping full truck loads. CtL understands how to make your shipping costs as efficient as possible – not only does it save you money shipping more than one unit in a parcel, it is also better for the environment. CtL will direct you down the right path to not let reverse logistics costs overtake the return program.

No matter where product is located in the world, how many other vendors are involved or what step in the end-of-life journey, Close the Loop is always ready and able to implement the reverse logistics services needed to safely, securely and cost-efficiently move products and materials from point A to point B.

Making a Difference

Close the Loop has successfully designed one of the largest take back programs in Australia. CtL’s system has over 30,000 collection points. Multiple vendors are able to take advantage of this program and have multiple units and brands return in one parcel.

Because of this management, companies get the best shipping rates possible to our customers, keeping their reverse logistics rates far lower than running their own program.

Consulting: Charting the Path to Your Goals

Experience matters when it comes to planning a new sustainability program or expanding an existing one. Close the Loop provides a range of consulting services to help customers improve sustainability, uncover value in return programs, ensure security, streamline efficiencies, verify documentation and reporting, reduce costs and inform decisions.

Consulting services are available to any company, regardless of whether or not Close the Loop manages any other aspect of that company’s product end-of-life services. Consultants can help audit existing services, assess processes and material choices, design or expand programs to achieve sustainability goals or build out an existing sustainability effort to raise the bar for a company.

Close the Loop’s 360 degree sustainability consulting services can outline not only how to recover a product, but will also ensure appropriate reporting to key stakeholders. From design for environment solutions to enhance material recovery to secure recovery, Close the Loop is able to support all aspects of new or established sustainability programs.

Here are more ways Close the Loop works with customers:

  • Designing take back programs
  • Designing recycling equipment or processes
  • Setting sustainability goals and managing annual reporting and achievements
  • Acting as a sustainability department
  • Ensuring government regulations and procurement regulations are fulfilled
  • Identifying collection requirements
  • Building comprehensive data analytics
  • Developing resource recovery processes
  • Identifying reuse opportunities
  • Designing for Environment
  • Using Post-Consumer Recyclate (PCR) materials in new products

Recovery: Recycling, Reuse or R&D

At the heart of any sustainability program is the moment of truth – the point where product is sorted, and broken down into parts to be assigned a next stage of life in a Circular Economy solution. This is the recovery step and where Close the Loop really has considerable expertise.

Using proprietary technologies and processes, Close the Loop recovery processes effectively separate materials to a new useable form ensuring the security of the product and its core elements. Throughout the recovery process, Close the Loop applies a proprietary warehouse management process covering logistics, compliance, maintenance, inventory, production and automated reporting.

Close the Loop holds steadfast to its commitment to help its customers add value to product stewardship and sustainability programs, while guaranteeing zero-waste to landfill. The recovery process leads to one of these three paths:


  • Close the Loop, as our name suggests, is a champion of the circular economy, and re-use of recovered materials is core to our values.  We have a strong history of re-use of recovered materials.  This is shown through the products we have developed through our own innovation, like TonerPave™ or through our ability to retrieve quality raw materials during the recovery process, clean, disassemble or repackage them and return them to the manufacturer.


  • Close the Loop offers recycling services around the world. As with any recycling program, the goal is to successfully flow materials back into the commodities market – delivering on sustainability goals, off-setting costs and contributing to a Circular Economy.  With patented processes to handle highly-combustible dust, Close the Loop has designed equipment to safely handle difficult-to-recycle material in a sustainable way. Through innovation, all recycling efforts are developed to optimize material recovery. Close the Loop’s recovery efforts involve continuous engineering improvements in both equipment and process.


  • Every so often, the product recovery process creates an output of challenging materials that lack a clear path for reuse or recycling. This is another area where Close the Loop excels. The R&D team works with customers to develop solutions for re-use of difficult material.  Known for innovation and creativity, we have a strong record of uncovering a new life for the materials in a way that is commercial, environmentally friendly and cost effective to the customer while maintaining zero waste to landfill.

Additional Services

Close the Loop is able to offer additional services companies who may have a different disposition for their products.  These services are aimed at eliminating double-handling and providing commercially viable alternatives with zero waste to landfill.

Close the Loop is able to offer additional services for the products that are received here. By CtL adding other services to the return process, value can be brought back to the original company. CtL is able to quality check, clean, disassemble or re-package products to help in downstream processes. This allows product that still have value to be re-used back into the supply chain! Close the Loop has proven to be a Tier 1 supplier into a major company’s supply chain. All by taking product that is received and being able to provide further services to that customer.